Diesel Cars ARE Better For The Environment!



If you drive a diesel car in Britain you could be paid up to £2000 by the government to scrap it and buy a petrol powered car instead. It’s part of government plans to tackle pollution, according to newspaper reports.

Once again the government is blaming YOU for a problem THEY created. Buses, trucks, trains and taxis run on diesel, no one’s talking about scrapping them, it’s just you, the private car owner that they’re pointing the finger at. Some people switched to diesel because when Tony Blair was Prime Minister, he gave tax breaks to you if you bought a diesel because he said they were BETTER for the environment. We went from 1.5 million diesel cars on our roads ten years ago to 11 million today. Now the current government are trying to make YOU feel guilty for the pollution they’re causing.

It’s a problem that’s easy to solve. It’s not the engines that are bad for the environment, it’s the fumes from the burnt fuel. All you have to do is change the fuel. When Rudolf Diesel invented the engine that now bears his name, it ran on peanut oil. That’s right, diesel engines are designed to run on vegetable oil. An oil that does not produce the toxic gases that burnt diesel gives off. Compared to diesel oil, it’s a clean fuel. In Rudolf diesel’s day, the low grade fuel oil we now call diesel was cheaper than peanut oil so he just ran his new engine in that.

An unmodified diesel engine will run on used chip fat. I know because I’ve done it. When I worked on a radio station on England’s South Coast, as a stunt, we bought a used Peugeot diesel, filled it up with used chip fat from a local chippy and drove it, unmodified to Paris and back.

For the short time the car was on British roads, we were breaking the law. It is against the law to run a diesel vehicle on cooking oil, even if it’s used cooking oil which is essential waste. It’s against the law because you’re evading VAT and all of the other tax and duty that makes up most of what we pay at the pump.

Finding a use for used cooking oil would reduce waste and help prevent a fatberg from clogging up our sewer pipes. But where are the environmentalists? They LIKE the idea of scrapping cars and most of all they like the idea of blaming YOU not the government. The so-called Green Party are just politicians, greedy for power and they can only get that by controlling you.

The government failed to bring in regulations for cleaner fuel and now you’re to blame! It didn’t used to be this way, when it was discovered that lead in petrol was bad for the environment, they didn’t blame you, they just brought in new rules that banned leaded fuel and it worked! Why don’t they just bring in new regulations for the fuel that’s burned in diesel engines?  

Has anyone thought about the environmental impact of scrapping 11 million cars?

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