Stop Taking The Tablets!


stly Airport Security

Airport security checks are a joke. Now there’s going to be a muslim laptop ban.

When you fly to Britain from the mostly muslim countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, you’ll not be allowed to bring a laptop or tablet computer onto the plane with you. You’ll have to put it in the luggage you check in.

Apart from it being easier for your laptop to get lost with your bags or stolen, this just proves that all of those security checks you have to go through are useless. Before the muslim ban, EVERY computer you took on the plane was x-rayed and inspected. You had to put them through the x-ray machine separate to your other stuff. Now they’re saying they’ll be safer buried in your suitcase?

Since we’ve had heightened security at airports, they haven’t found ANYTHING that could bring down a plane, not a single thing. All they’ve done is confiscate gallons of drinks, mouthwash and shampoo, and made you negotiate with them over hair gel and jam.

They’ve also missed things that DID cause problems on planes like the shoes Richard Reid was wearing and the undies the underwear bomber had on.

By the way, Reid was flying to Miami from PARIS and the underwear bomber was flying to Detroit from AMSTERDAM. France and Holland are not on the list of countries where you can’t fly from with a laptop.

This new rule won’t apply to mobile phones, which is strange because the most dangerous thing on planes lately has been the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7!

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