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“Has wearable tech had it’s day?” That was the heading of an article I read this week. It means that some tech gurus are finally waking up to the truth, NOBODY WANTS WEARABLE TECH!

For the last ten years all we’ve heard from anyone that talks or writes about technology is that wearable tech will be the next big thing. Meanwhile wearable tech has been a complete disaster. Google Glass was a failure, 3D TVs didn’t sell because nobody wants to watch telly with goggles on and if you want to be alone in an Apple Store, stand at the Apple Watch table.

According to the article, this time last year analysts were making multi-billion dollar forecasts for the developers of health trackers and smartwatches, and Apple was selling a $10,000 gold edition of the Apple Watch. But by November 2016 Smartwatch shipments declined by 51.6% year-on-year, according to a report by market analysts IDC.
Jawbone, once a popular fitness tracker brand, confirmed to TechCrunch that it is leaving the consumer market and focusing on healthcare providers. Microsoft has removed its Fitness Band on its online store and no longer provides the Band developer kits. Fitbit was recently reported to be laying off staff, and founder James Park said the firm experienced “softer than expected” sales during the recent Christmas period.

Various devices claim to measure heart rate, sleep, activity and count calories.
Counting steps is probably the most common use of wearable devices – but recently experts have questioned whether the golden goal of walking 10,000 steps a day is actually worthwhile, and a US study concluded that health trackers did not aid weight loss. There’s also the battery issue, and the fact that many of the older and cheaper varieties aren’t water resistant.

Google still haven’t woken up to the truth about wearable tech. This week they got a patent for a baseball cap with a video camera mounted on the brim.

The new “Google Hat”, will be about as popular as Google Glass and not because wearable tech has, “had it’s day”. For that to be true, it would have actually had to have had a day in the first place! You can’t look back at something that was never there. And looking back is what the camera in the new hat will be doing because the kind of people who’d be interested in a Google Hat, wear their baseball caps backwards!

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