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I’ve been asked to be a judge again at the New York Festivals Radio Program Awards. This year, they’re doing a feature interviews series with the judges called, “Open Mic: The Wonderful World of Radio” for their website.

They sent some interesting questions which made me think hard about my answers. I don’t know how much of what I sent back will get used so I thought you might like to see the full list of questions and the answers I came up with.

  1. How will radio transform in the coming years? What is the biggest shift you’ve noticed this past year? – We’re going to see the further rise of the content creator over the distributor. In the past the distributors, the people with the radio stations and the transmitters, controlled the game. In the new multi-platform world with access to distribution becoming more accessible to everyone, it’s the creative people that make the content that will thrive. The distributors need content but if they want market exclusivity, they’ll have to give the content creators what they want in return. Unfortunately, over the past year I’ve noticed some big “old media” distributors going the other way and reducing the amount of original content they provide to cut costs. This is a mistake and will accelerate their demise.
  1.  Is there a revolution going on today in radio content? – It depends how you define “radio”. If you’re talking about broadcast radio then, no. Broadcasters seem to be stuck in a rut, regurgitating tired old ideas. If you define radio as audio content then, yes, there is a revolution going on. With cheap access to audio hardware and software tools it’s never been easier to create great radio. The amount of spoken word content going out as podcasts and other online distribution platforms continues to grow and it’s becoming more niche and more personal.
  1. What would be your dream show to create, budget no object? – My dream show would be a talk show with music, the radio version of a glossy magazine. Interviews with interesting people, reports from interesting places, opinion pieces and interaction with listeners. Glossy magazines are full of photographs, that’s what the music would be because some people who “read” glossy magazines only like looking at the pictures.
  1. Will you talk about the importance of freedom of press? – Donald Trump got elected by manipulating fears based on prejudice. The same thing happened with Brexit. Prejudice feeds on ignorance. The press needs to be free to hold our leaders to account and use facts to debunk fake news, misconceptions and pseudoscience peddled by politicians and big business. Otherwise we won’t get news, we’ll just get propaganda.
  1.   Audio landscapes, theater of the mind, how does imagination come into play? – The difference between radio and TV is that on the radio the pictures are better. It’s been said many times and the best content creators are the ones that can paint pictures with sound. The treatment is as important as the story. Often the story can’t be changed but there are infinite ways it can be told.

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