Back To The Future



Records are not coming back and neither are cassettes!

We keep hearing that both of these formats are returning but if you look closer, you’ll realise that they’re not.

Last year vinyl accounted for only 5% of music sales. That might sound like a lot until you accept that most music isn’t being bought, it’s being downloaded and streamed for free. Only a tiny fraction is actually being paid for and only a tiny fraction of that (5%) is being paid for on vinyl.

They’re saying the last time this much music was bought on vinyl was 1991. I remember 1991, NO ONE was buying vinyl! Record shops weren’t selling it, it was all CDs!

Saying that vinyl is on it’s way back because sales are at 1991 levels is like saying horse drawn vehicles are on their way back because there are just as many on the road today as there were in 1991.

As for cassette, they’re not coming back because even if you did buy an album on cassette, you’d still need to find a car from the 80s to play it in!

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