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You’re more likely than ever to get a speeding ticket on Britain’s roads even though you’ve never driven so slowly.

It’s all because of “smart” motorways. There’s nothing “smart” about them, they’re just motorways with variable speed limits. The speed limit is displayed on one side of the gantries and on the other side there’s a speed camera to catch you. The speed limits go up and down like a whore’s drawers so you never know where you’re at and eventually they get you.

There are more than 236 miles of smart motorways in England. A further 200 miles of smart motorways are currently either planned or under construction. It takes two years to convert a motorway into a smart one because the construction workers only work bank hours. It doesn’t matter if anyone is actually working on the road or not, they reduce the speed limit to 50 mph permanently and have average speed cameras on them so they start making money way before they’re finished. Because of all of this roadwork and the number of completed “smart” motorways, you now can’t do 70 mph for very long on what’s supposed to be our fastest roads.

Smart motorways catch more than a thousand speeding drivers a week. Last year, 52,516 fixed penalties were issued on 11 smart sections, including on stretches of the M1, M25 and M6 compared to 2,023 on the same stretches in 2010-11. 250 people were caught speeding in the first THREE DAYS after enforcement was introduced on the M4, near Newport.

Speeding fines are supposed to be a deterrent to reduce the number of people who speed. Well thanks to smart motorways, more of us are speeding than ever! We’re not talking about boy racers or lunatics on the road here, normal, law-abiding citizens are being turned into criminal at the rate of over a thousand a week. It’s a really efficient way of collecting speeding tickets, the police don’t catch you, the camera takes your picture and you’ve no idea you’ve been caught till you get a notice in the post.

The revenues from these speeding fines going to central government every year have increased to more than £1.1m, from £150,600 five years ago.

And the government constantly remind us that Smart Motorways are designed to ease congestion and are NOT designed to generate revenue?

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