Theresa May Is Touchy About Brexit



Don’t let Theresa May catch you dissing Brexit!

She’s got a zero tolerance approach to dealing with people who have a go at the way the government is handling this mess.

Last month she declared war on a band of trouble-making Members of Parliament because they were planning to form an anti-Brexit backbench group.

This week, the E.U. Ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers, a bloke who’d accused ministers of “muddled thinking”, suddenly “quit”. His replacement was found the next day! They wouldn’t have had time to advertise the job and interview people. Clearly, Sir Ivan didn’t “quit”, he was fired!

Traditionally Prime Ministers give their first big interview of the year to the BBC but this year she’s snubbed the Beeb and is going with Sky, because the BBC has been critical of Brexit.

The thing is, before she made her bid to become Prime Minister, Theresa May was ant-Brexit and pro-remain!

It’s almost as if she’s trying to spear the beast of old Theresa!

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