Mack Nuggets


Here’s some of my favourite moments from BOBfm in 2016, including:
Inappropriate laughter
Things you’ve found when you moved into a new place
Proof that Donald Trump’s wife stole bits of her speech
Julie gets an unexpected compliment
A bizarre wrong number
A leopard in the hotel room
Show us your tats
Boris Johnson the porn star
Why British people have a problem with commitment
What was David Cameron singing to himself?
Holiday arguments
When Nadine got stuck in a lift live on BOBfm
The battle with Siri continues
Why did Darren throw bottles at the police?
Filming Dr Foster in Hitchin; When a meal was ruined
The law against secondhand smoke doesn’t go far enough
Most unusual thing you’ve eaten.The Date from hell
An unfair parking ticket
Christmas lies.

Craic on!

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