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More of our freedom will be taken away by the end of this week. Membership of the fascist group, National Action will become a criminal offence on Friday.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd told parliament “National Action is a racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic organisation which stirs up hatred, glorifies violence, and promotes a vile ideology”. She’s right of course, but making membership illegal isn’t the answer.

If you’re going to ban an organisation just because you disagree with their prejudice views, you’re going to have to ban most religions. The bible is homophobic, Leviticus 20:30 says gay people should be killed, the Quran is anti-semitic, 2:65 says Allah transforms disobedient Jews into apes and most religions are sexist, that’s why women have a hard time becoming senior members of the clergy. Some countries even practice gender apartheid because of their religious views. In Saudi Arabia, women aren’t allowed to drive.

Does Amber Rudd think that if you make it illegal to join an organization that promotes hate that those people will suddenly become decent people?

All that will happen is you’ll force them underground. Making them invisible won’t mean they’ll suddenly stop hating, it’ll just mean we won’t know who they are. When National Action becomes a secret organization, they’ll be a lot harder to monitor and we won’t know who their members are. That’ll make it easier for them to infiltrate every level of our society.

National Action should not be banned and neo-nazis should be encouraged to join them. I want neo-nazis to be photographed wearing their regalia and holding placards with their vile slogans on because I want to know who they are and what they look like. Unfortunately by saying that, I am inviting support for National Action and if you read this blog after Friday 16th December, I will have broken the law because inviting support for this organisation is also going to be a criminal offence.

Like I said at the start, more of our freedom is being taken away and freedom is why this country fought a war with Nazis.

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