Power To The People?



“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” That’s one of my favourite quotes from the American comedian, George Carlin.

Democracy is flawed, it gave power to Adolph Hitler, Brexiteers and now Trump. It makes it far too easy for dodgy people to sell an illusion that empowers large groups of people who feel undervalued. We saw it in Britain with Brexit when the underlying prejudice of a disenfranchised electorate with a mentality of scarcity was manipulated. They were whipped up into a frenzy by con men with fake facts and false promises. Last week, Donald Trump used the same tactics to become president.

It all starts with prejudice and prejudice is caused by ignorance. I spoke to a caller on the radio last week who told me people voted for Trump because there are over a hundred million unemployed people in the USA. A quick Google revealed the actual figure is 7.9 million, an unemployment rate of 4.9% (Britain’s is at 5.4%). The number of people out of work in the USA has been falling since 2010. It took seconds to get the truth but people prefer to believe the lies.

The fear of being swamped by migrants from the E.U. was one of the driving forces that caused people to vote for Brexit. The truth is only 3.2 million people living in the UK are citizens of another EU country. That’s only about 5% of the UK population. Migrants taking all of the jobs is a big fear but right now, after years of free movement in the E.U., Britain has the lowest unemployment figures since 2005.

Hitler, Brexit and President Trump were all problems caused by ignorant people who believed lies instead of facts. The people of Germany in the 1930’s didn’t have easy access to the facts and believed what they were told. The Nazis controlled information and burned books but Brexit and Trump happened at a time when the correct information is literally in most people’s pockets on their smartphones.

The answer is simple, all voters should have to take an ignorance test before they’re given a licence to vote. They’d have to renew their licence before every election or referendum. The ignorance test would be comprised of a set of simple questions about Muslims, Migrants, Money and anything else that ignorant people believe to be true at the time. You’d be allowed to Google the answers and take the test as many times as you like until you understand the truth. You can’t make an informed decision if you’re misinformed.

Voting can be dangerous, it SHOULD be licenced. You need a licence to drive a car, why not a licence to vote? Votes can do more damage than cars.

Yes it would discriminate against stupid people but it’s stupid people that caused this mess.

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