How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 230.



Some decisions that radio station Program Directors make baffle me. I’ve worked on music stations where you weren’t allowed to play two female artists back-to-back, a station where I was told to play more music in the afternoon because there weren’t enough songs being played at breakfast time and a station that sped up all of the songs so the really fast tunes sounded like the artists were on speed and the slow songs sounded like dance hits.

The first commercial radio station I worked at had an odd way of playing out a chart countdown show. In 1993, I was the afternoon/drive presenter on 2PK in Parkes in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia. We played out a syndicated show called the “Take 40 Australia” hosted by Barry Bissell. The show arrived by post on four twelve inch reels of tape. Each reel contained an hours worth of the program with gaps for local news and commercial. Reel one contained the songs counted down from 40 to 31, real 2 was the countdown from 30 to 21, real 3 was 20 to 11 and real 4 covered the top 10.

Every other radio station in the world that I’ve heard a top 40 countdown show on plays the entire countdown over four hours, but on 2PK we played each hour on a different day. It went out between 6pm and 7pm Tuesday to Friday. If you started listening to the countdown on Tuesday, you had to wait till the end of the week to find out what was number one.

Even now I’m still not sure if that idea is completely stupid or genius.

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