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How would you feel if, just for fun, a battle of Hastings reenactment society recreated the events of 1066 on a main road you were trying to drive along?

People dressing up in costumes and pretending to be someone they’re not is happening every day on Britain’s roads. Grown men (and it’s usually men) are dressing up as professional bike racers, getting on bicycles and, along with other fantasists, are joining groups called the “Something-or-other, Wheelers” and are getting in the way of traffic.

I’ve no problem with people dressing up in costumes and pretending to be someone they’re not, but they shouldn’t be doing it on the public roads. You wouldn’t expect people who dress up as footballers or tennis players or those who buy musical instruments and join amateur bands to live out their fantasies on public roads.

When boy racers pretend to be racing drivers in traffic, the police do their best to catch them and take them off the road but cycling clubs are allowed to put their member’s lives and the lives of others at risk. In fact, the health benefits of cycling are actively encouraged by successive governments and health professionals, even though you are 17 times more likely to be killed on a pushbike on the road than if you were driving an actual vehicle. More than a hundred cyclists are killed on Britain’s roads every year and a lot of them aren’t trying to get from A to B, they’re cycling for “fun” and some are pretending to be road racers, even though competitive cycling always takes place on closed roads. This madness has to stop.

Cycling on the road is so dangerous that I bet more people have been killed on bicycles than died at the Battle of Hastings.

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