Big Fat Lie



Britain’s new sugar tax will not make us any healthier and it’s unfair.

The tax will be with us soon and it means we’ll be paying more for soft drinks. The idea is to reduce obesity levels.

Do the government really think this will work? Right now, the most expensive soft drinks outsell the cheaper ones anyway. More Coke and Pepsi is sold than Rola Cola or Panda Pop, so the idea of higher prices reducing consumption is unfounded.

Like all things, sugary drinks are only bad for you if you overdo it. I drink sugary soft drinks but I’m not obese because I don’t go overboard. And why are they picking on the soft drink industry? If someone is obese, I think you’ll find they got that way by overindulging on a lot of other things as well as soft drinks.

Instead of a sugar tax, maybe we should charge obese people more on buses, planes and trains. It costs more in fuel to move them and they cause more wear and tear on the seats.

That way, you’d get taxed after you’ve overdone it, not in case you do.

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