How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 229.



Julie knows that being a radio wife can be challenging at times. In Part 227 I mentioned an event that was put on by 5SE Mount Gambier in South Australia when I presented the Breakfast Show there. Julie has no memory of this event, probably because she wasn’t invited. Over the years she has missed out on a lot of cool things that I’ve got to do thanks to radio. She’s the youngest of four so is always on the lookout for when she thinks she might be missing out.

One event she does remember really well at 5SE was Melbourne Cup day 1993. It’s a very big deal in Australia. It’s not officially a holiday unless you live in Victoria but most of the country knocks off work early and goes somewhere special to watch the big race.

A few weeks before Melbourne Cup Day, Julie got a phone call at home from the 5SE General Manager’s P.A. who told Julie all about a do that the radio station was having on the day of the races. The P.A. went on to describe this flash event and how all of the radio station’s biggest advertisers would be entertained by the radio station’s presenters and all of the fun everyone was going to have.

Just when Julie thought she was being invited, the P.A. asked her if she would be available to cover reception while everyone was at the party.

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