Paul Gambaccini Describes London’s Metropolitan Police as, “Third Rate Stasi”



My guest this week in my online radio show, London Calling is an icon of British broadcasting, Paul Gambaccini. In his home in central London, he talked about how his life changed when he was dropped by the BBC after his arrest on allegations of sexual assault. He was finally cleared a year later.

He described the Metropolitan Police as, “A third rate stasi” and said, “Being as fundamentally corrupt as they are from the core, they never admit error, they never apologise to their victims, they never offer restitution…”

When talking about the Met Police chief, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe’s refusal to say Gambaccini’s name when testifying at the Home Affairs Select Committee Paul said, “He is not only the villain of my life, he is the coward of my life”.

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