Fat Chance



If doctors called their obese patients “fat”, they could save their lives. That’s according to new research from Oxford University. It showed that doctors were reluctant to refer overweight people for weight loss programs in case they offended them.

Why is calling someone “fat” an insult? Calling someone thin isn’t an insult. Neither is referring to them as short, pale, blonde, ginger or even black, it’s just pointing out the obvious. Call someone fat and it’s as if you’ve called them ugly.

You can call someone “tall” without offending them and even ask them to grab something out of reach BECAUSE they’re tall, but you can’t ask a fat person to sit on something to flatten it out for you.

Does everyone who is overweight not like being overweight? Britain has one of the highest obesity rates in Europe, with a quarter of adults obese and another 40 per cent overweight. Surely a lot of these people must be happy with the size they are. When they’re called fat, instead of being offended, why don’t they just say, “That’s right, I’m fat, I love food and I hate exercise, I chose to be this size, do you have a problem with that?”

I say all of this because I know someone who is fat and I’m worried about their health. I want to say something about their size but don’t want to offend them.

That’s because they’re my doctor.

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