How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 228.


“We now cross Live to our reporter standing 20 metres behind us”, is what the host of Nine News in Brisbane Australia should have said, when they crossed live to a reporter at the Supreme Court. The reporter, Michael Best was standing in the distance.

You can see a cameraman and Best preparing for the cross, in the background!

It reminded me of a time when I filled in as the host of the drive-time show on BBC Radio London at New Broadcasting House. Nelson Mandela had been taken ill and I crossed to an ‘Africa Correspondent’ from the BBC World Service. I was told by my producer that the correspondent wasn’t actually in Africa and was just going to talk about Mandela, what he meant to the people of South Africa and give an update on his condition.

After the report I asked the producer, if the correspondent wasn’t in Africa, where were they? The producer said, “London”. I said, but we’re in London, whereabouts in London are they? And the producer said, “Downstairs”.

Craic on!

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