Car Bomb


I heard a thud, coming from where the engine is.

I was driving to work this morning in the dark, way before 5am. The engine has never made that noise before. It sounded like something pretty serious. I slowed down, opened the window and listened, but I didn’t hear the noise again. I continued on to work, driving carefully, scanning the dashboard for a clue. All of the gauges looked fine, oil pressure, oil and coolant temperature all normal and no warning lights. The engine in my car is in the back, so I kept an eye on the rear view mirror expecting to see smoke.

I got to the radio station, got out and was about to open the engine compartment when I saw it. The security lights at BOBfm were illuminating the biggest blob of bird poop I’ve ever seen. The noise I’d heard was this huge dollop of doody hitting the body of the car right above the engine.

What kind of bird flies around in the dark, so early in the morning that it’s actually nighttime? And how BIG was this bird?

The only logical explanation is that I’ve accidentally driven through some kind of portal, briefly gone back in time by about 150 million years and have been defecated on by a pterodactyl!

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