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Britain has solved it’s immigration problem.

The thing is, it didn’t have an immigration problem. In July this year, the UK unemployment rate fell to 4.9%, the lowest since 2005. This happened at a time of record immigration.

Fear of uncontrolled immigration was the number one reason people voted for Brexit but with an ageing population, costing the state more each year in pensions and health care, we need MORE working age people to come here and pay tax, so we can afford it all. There’s not a single piece of evidence to suggest that immigration has been bad for Britain.

We haven’t even started the process of leaving the E.U. but the decision to leave is already having an effect. The pound has sunk to a thirty-one year low. One pound won’t even buy one euro at the airport. The weak pound will mean high fuel prices and runaway inflation in time for Christmas. The only figures going up are the numbers of race and religious hate crimes. They’ve risen by 41% since the E.U. vote. We can only guess at how bad things will get once we’re actually out of the European Union!

Brexit was all about immigration. Well we’ve fixed that, with our hate crime, junk currency and high fuel prices, no one is going to want to move here now!

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