Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States and here’s why...

In 2003, Manchester City Football Club moved into their new ground, the City of Manchester Stadium. The club held an online poll for the public to name different parts of the stadium. In February 2004, after the vote, the West Stand was re-named after the former Manchester City player, Colin Bell. So now The City of Manchester Stadium has an area of the ground known as, “The Bell End”.

When Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council wanted to name their new polar research vessel, they held an online poll. The most popular name voted for was “Boaty McBoatface”.

In June this year, Britain held a referendum on leaving the European Union. More than half of the population voted “leave” and now when you buy Euros at Britain’s airports they cost MORE than a pound. Our currency is in crisis, which means in a global economy, massive inflation is on the way and the Brexit process won’t even begin for another six months!

You see, people are idiots and when given the chance to mess things up, they do. Maybe they’re venting frustration because they feel powerless or maybe it’s a form of self harm.

People voted for one bellend, they’ll vote for another!

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