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Why is Britain so scared of immigration? Are there any facts that show immigration has been bad for Britain?

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May has been talking about Brexit, suggesting that regaining control of immigration was more important than access to the single market.

Yesterday I got in a taxi driven by a Pakistani chap, ordered a takeaway that was delivered by a bloke from Bangladesh and had my car washed by some Turks. Our hotels are staffed by Poles and the National Health Service relies on staff who came here from countries inside and outside the E.U. If we didn’t have immigration, who would do all of this work?

Immigrants tend to have a work ethic that a lot of British born people don’t have. For immigrants, long hours are a way of life and they think nothing of having more than one job.

Britain has an ageing population, so the number of people who stop paying income tax and take more resources from the welfare state and the health service is getting bigger every year.

To pay for all of this, don’t we need MORE people to come here, work hard and pay income tax, not fewer?

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