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British journalism has let itself down badly, again.

They reported about Prince William, Kate and their children and their trip to Canada AS IF IT WAS ACTUAL NEWS!

The Daily Telegraph revealed that 16 month old Princess Charlotte said “pop” and “dada” at a children’s party. It was as if no other 16 month old had ever done this. They followed that with the sensational story that after Prince George spotted his sister being made a balloon animal, he ran over to ask; “Can I have one?” The Daily Mail wasn’t much better, with, “…big brother George rides a miniature pony!”

By far the worst offenders though were Sky News, “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge take their children to a zoo in Canada and Prince George meets a pony”. As BOBfm’s newsman Chris Hubbard pointed out, this would only be actual news if Prince George rode a unicorn!

Most of the papers made the royal trip to Canada their LEAD story. On Sky, Aleppo came second. Aleppo, where nearly half a million people have been killed, millions more left homeless, the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis, a hospital being bombed, aid convoys attacked meaning possible war crimes committed by Russia, this came AFTER the news that, “Balloons amuse Prince and Princess”.

Where’s the balance and objectivity? Where’s the cost of the royal trip to the British and Canadian tax payer? How about comparing the young Prince and Princess to other “normal” children? Are they afraid if they do that, we’ll see that these children are exactly the same as all other three year old and 16 month olds? Are they worried that we might even work out that they’re not goblins or fairies and don’t have any magical powers?

We make fun of the way the news is reported in North Korea and how they make out that their head of state is some kind of super being.

When we report on our head of state or the unelected heirs to that office, we are just as ridiculous!

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