We Got Away, Scot Free.


We were told that the radio station BOBfm, would be destroyed, go out of business or be taken off the air, two years ago this week.

In the run-up to the referendum on Scottish Independence, we banned all Scottish music. Listen to how we did it here…

This got us some great publicity. Newspapers on both sides of the border wrote lengthy articles about us, I was interviewed on radio stations around the world and was even asked to speak at an independence rally in Scotland (I declined that offer).

It did cause us a few problems. Militant Scottish Nationalists started calling the radio station, on and off the air, with some pretty serious threats of violence against us. I personally got death threats on Twitter and got so much abuse on my blog page on WordPress that I had to disable comments. Advertisers were targeted and threatened with violence, some even cancelled their accounts.

The most bizarre reaction was from Britain’s broadcasting regulator, Ofcom. In a phone conversation and a subsequent written warning, they pointed out to me that we must remain “impartial”. How exactly did they think we could influence a vote that only took place on the other side of a border that was over 300 miles to the north of our broadcast area? Maybe they thought we had enough Scottish people listening online to sway the vote.

There was no violence or damage of any kind done to the radio station or any of our advertisers and I didn’t die. We clearly weren’t impartial and the vote DID go against Scottish independence and despite hundreds of complaints to Ofcom, they didn’t fine us or uphold any of the complaints.

Craic on!

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