Funny Brummie?


Is Birmingham really the funniest place to live in Britain?

A new survey from looked at over three million social conversations and combined the results with consumer research to uncover the laughter profiles of 25 towns and cities across the UK. They found that Birmingham is the funniest.

Well done Brum, I lived there for three years, there are definitely funny people there. I have to say though, one of the funniest things I ever heard was in Liverpool.

I was at a football match at Anfield, Liverpool were playing Middlesbrough. Boro fans like to send up the fact that Middlesbrough is surrounded by large chemical plants. There was a row of four fans in the away section dressed in hazmat suits and respirators. I heard one Liverpool fan behind me say to his mate, “Look at them, what’s that all about?” When his mate explained about Middlesbrough’s links to the chemical industry, his reply was, “Oh, they must have come straight from work!”

I never heard anything as funny as that when I lived in Birmingham.

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