Cracked it!


When I discovered a three inch long crack in my car’s windscreen, I was angry at first, then I realised that crack contained the secret to eternal life.

The crack can’t be repaired, I need a new windscreen. It’s the latest part that needs replacing. I’ve had the car for about a year and a half now and so far it’s had the front resprayed, new door mirrors, the exhaust system replaced, a new boot seal, a window regulator, the bonnet release replaced, the transmission fluid and filter changed once, the engine oil and filter changed twice, the air conditioning system re-gassed, a new back tyre, a new oxygen sensor and the engine has been re-built. Next month, it’s due to have two catalytic converters and four oxygen sensors replaced. By then it’ll be due for it’s next service and will get six new spark plugs.

If I keep replacing parts at this rate, at a certain point, the car will consist of more new parts than originals and if I keep going, eventually I’ll be driving a new car!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same thing with people? Ageing is just a series of parts wearing out. The human body is not like a machine, spare parts are in short supply and some simply can’t be replaced.

Imagine if you could download the contents of your mind onto a memory stick. I mean, everything that makes you, you. Every memory, opinion, and nuance of your character, every skill you’ve ever learned, your entire personality. When your body eventually gives up, the essence of who you are could be transferred and live on inside a computer. If that computer was inside a humanoid robot, you’d be able to live forever.

That might be a problem because the earth won’t go on forever and if we keep producing people at the current rate, we’ll run out of resources to keep them all alive on the earth, before that happens anyway. Luckily, it seems that the universe does go on forever.

This week, NASA scientists discovered a new earth-like planet called Proxima b. It’s 25 trillion miles from earth. Using current technology, it would take 20 years to get there. That’s a long time but if you lived forever, it’s no time at all. And if you were a humanoid robot, you wouldn’t need all of the comforts of earth, like food, water or a breathable atmosphere, you’d just need electricity which you could get from solar cells or any number of renewable sources. In fact you wouldn’t even need a planet that was that earth-like, maybe Mars or even the Moon would do.

Developing the technology to download a human mind onto a flash drive might be difficult but it’s worth a crack!

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