Paper Chase


It’s time for radio presenters to stop reading out of the newspapers on the air. Reviewing the papers is an odd media tradition in this country. I think it started in the early 80’s when, as an “and finally”, Newsnight would show you the front pages of the following day’s papers. Back then it was cutting edge stuff, it was like seeing into the future. Nowadays, it’s the opposite.

The morning, I woke up to the news that Nigel Farage had made a speech at a Donald Trump rally in Mississippi, I saw it in a report I watched via the Sky News app on my iPhone. Then I went to Youtube and watched the entire six minute speech. For some reason, I decided to find out how radio was reacting to this latest episode in the American election campaign and this British twist on the story. I went to the Tunein app on my phone and listened to one of Britain’s national talk stations.

What I heard was a bloke going through the morning’s papers. It was the actual paper editions, I could hear him turning the large pages. He was repeating the news in there, yesterday’s news. I know it was yesterday’s news because I’d read those stories online, the day before!

Radio is immediate, it’s energy travelling at the speed of light. Newspapers are the past, printed on dead trees, travelling at the speed of a white van.

The papers should be reporting on what they hear on the radio, not the other way around.

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