Old Time Rock n Roll


Today I found an old cassette from 1989. It was a live recording of the band I used to be in when we lived in New Zealand. I thought you might like to hear it.

The band was called The Misfits. They’d been together for years and were the top band in Northland. I joined in 1988 as lead singer and at 23, was the youngest. The guitar players, Steve and Les, played in Tom Sharplin’s band, Ken was the best bass player in town and Joe was the best drummer.

Joe had also been the drummer in The Quindells and this gig at Pips in Whangarei was a Quindells reunion show to celebrate that their sax player, Billy T James was back in action after surviving a heart attack and quadruple bypass operation. Billy was also New Zealand’s top comedian and entertainer with his own TV show.

We opened for the Quindells and Joe played drums in both bands that night. This song from our set was one of our favourite Chuck Berry covers…

Craic on!

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