Prophet Margin For Error


Beware of shysters who say they can predict the future!

You’d think that in the 21st Century, there wouldn’t be much call for fortune tellers but the profession is alive and well and a lot of money is spent on it.

It’s a racket but stupid people continue to fall for this stuff. The most successful fortune tellers in Britain are the Met Office. These are people who claim to be able to predict the weather is.

Just like Soothsayers who foresee the future through different objects such as tarot cards, crystal balls and, according to the Old Testament, the “casting of lots” (whatever that means), the oracles and shaman at the Met Office use balloons, computers and charts with bizarre patterns and hieroglyphics on them. Like all clairvoyants, they’re usually wrong. I mentioned this in a previous Craic;

Having a track record of consistent inaccuracy hasn’t stopped the British media embracing this cod-science. They love to report the predictions of the Met Office as fact. Eleven days ago, the Daily Mirror ran this banner headline;

UK weather: This ‘insane Spanish plume’ will bring heatwave temperatures of up to 35°C for TWO WEEKS!

Well. since that article was published the daytime temperature in the UK has hardly made it above 22 degrees Celsius, which is room temperature and today it’s raining so all in all you’d be better off indoors.

This week, the BBC finally woke up to the scam and announced that after 93 years, it’s ditching the Met Office and from next spring, won’t be paying them £3 million-a-year to supply bogus predictions.

If the Met Office really could predict the future, they would have seen that coming!

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