Wet Weekend Part 3.


Don’t buy special tools to fix something you don’t know how to fix.

My coffee machine is STILL leaking. It needs to be taken apart and cleaned out properly. To get it apart, you need a special screwdriver called a Torx TR10 for “tamper proof” screws, so I bought a screwdriver set that includes a Torx TR10.

Today, I attempted to dismantle the coffee machine. I got all of the screws out, disengaged the six clips on the bottom and wrestled with it for about half an hour but couldn’t get it apart.

A friend of mine said I should have just bought a new one then a couple of days later, take the leaking one back to the shop in the new one’s box, make them think the new one is leaking and get my money back. I wasn’t comfortable with doing that and now I’ve scratched the casing so much there’s no way I can pass it off as a new one anyway.

I’m just going to switch to instant. I’ll have to wait though because I’ve got three boxes of coffee pods I bought online to use up first. The coffee machine now lives on the draining board and leaks like a sieve, even worse than before. On top of that, I now own a special screwdriver set that doesn’t fit any other screws.

The only thing getting screwed right now is me!

Craic on!

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