Wet Weekend Part 2.


My coffee machine is still leaking.

We live in an area where our tap water is bad and scale has built up on a seal inside. We’ve run descaler through it twice but that hasn’t fixed it. It needs to be taken apart and cleaned out properly. To get it apart, you need a special screwdriver called a Torx TR10 for “tamper proof” screws.

Julie Tweeted about all of this and the makers of the machine tweeted advising against attempting repair. Well they would say that, wouldn’t they? There’re in the business of selling coffee machines and you sell more of them if people don’t repair them themselves!

A mate of mine heard me going on about this on the radio. He said he had the same problem with his coffee machine which is exactly the same make and model. He sent it back to them a few times and they failed to fix it. In the end he bought another identical machine. After a couple of days, he packed up the leaking machine in the box the new one came in and took it back to the shop. He told them it leaked and got his money back. He even kept the £20 voucher for coffee pods that comes with new machines. He said that’s what I should do.

I’ve got to admit, I’m more than a bit uncomfortable doing that so I’ve spent £7 on a screwdriver set that includes a Torx TR10.

Wish me luck!

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