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How do you fix a leaking coffee machine?

We’ve had one of these machines that takes pods for a couple of years now. It makes great coffee, but water has started to leak out. It did this about six months ago when the seams in the tank gave up. We bought another tank online and had no more trouble with it until now. This time it’s leaking from the bottom, under the tank. We only worked that out when we bought ANOTHER tank online, fitted it and it carried on leaking.

I read up about these machines online and it turns out that if you live in an area where your tap water is bad, scale builds up on a seal inside. We’ve descaled it twice but that hasn’t fixed it. According to this site, https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/How+to+Fix+Leaking+Dolce+Gusto+Genio/36094
you have to take the machine to bits to do a proper de-scale.

That might sound straightforward, but first you need a special screwdriver. It’s called a Torx TR10 screwdriver for “tamper proof” screws.

Considering I only drink decaf, should I buy one of these tools, dismantle and clean out my machine or just switch to instant coffee?

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