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Britain is not a democracy.

In the UK we have an elected House of Commons, but the upper house, the House of Lords is independent from the House of Commons. The job of Lords is to challenge the work of the government. No new laws can be passed without approval from the Lords.

No members of the House of Lords are elected. Currently, there are 798 members who are eligible to take part in the work of the House of Lords, compared to only 650 MPs in the elected House of Commons. The majority of Lords are life peers, meaning they can never be voted out. Ninety-two are hereditary peers, meaning they were born with the title.

In a referendum in June, Britain voted for Brexit. This week we found out that the House of Lords could stall the process of Britain leaving the European Union and may even attempt to scrap it. That’s according to the Tory peer, Baroness Wheatcroft.

Britain has an unelected upper house that outnumbers the elected house. They are unrepresentative and are mostly very old white men who claim a lot in expenses and do very little. More than half of the Lords can’t be voted out, 92 of them didn’t have to do anything to be there except be born and together they are more powerful than the people we elected.

Now it looks like even after a referendum, the Lords will decide what happens next, not the people.

If you type, “What is democracy?” into Google, the definition you get is this;

A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives”.

– That definition does not describe what we have in the UK.

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