The DJ with a BA in BS


What would you think of a comedian who didn’t have any jokes and just came on stage and shouted “LAUGH!!!” at you until you pretended to laugh?

It’s outdoor live concert season in the UK. There are some great live acts to see but unfortunately, it’s also a time when radio deejays get up in front of a crowd and try to entertain them.

Unfortunately, a lot of radio deejays have nothing to say. Maybe that’s why their idea of a dream job is a chart show where they get to sit in a little room and count backwards for two hours. Their idea of something interesting to say consists of “What a tune!”, “Big shout out” and “That one has gone up six big places this week”. For maximum annoyance they do this all over the beginning and end of your favourite songs and punctuate each phrase with a sharp intake of breath through their teeth.

Put them on a stage in front of people and they don’t know what to do. That’s why, instead of saying something that will get a reaction, they wave their arms about and shout, “MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!”

Craic on!

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