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What is a catalytic converter? It sounds like a part on the Starship Enterprise. Well my car needs two of them. For the past couple of months, I’ve spent over a thousand pounds on the Mackmobile to make a ‘check engine’ light go out on the dashboard. It’s been to three different garages, who’ve gradually replaced most of the exhaust system, but the light keeps coming back on.

The catalytic converters have always been the possible problem, but as the full price to have two new ones fitted is over £4,000, they’ve been telling me to replace other bits and pieces first in case that fixes it. Now that every other possible problem has been ruled out, they say it’s time to replace them.

£4000 is what it’ll cost if I get genuine ones, made by the manufacturer of the car. I’ve now found a place that say they can fit two new ones made by a different manufacturer for just over £1000. So I’ve decided to have the cheaper ones fitted.

If they are the same as on the Starship Enterprise, maybe genuine ones are known as “The Real McCoy”. I hope this does fix it, I’ve set my wallet to ‘stun’ and booked it in to have the work done in about three week’s time. After all this time and money, I really hope this is the final frontier.

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