Sir Philip Green should not be stripped of his knighthood. If he did something wrong, he should go to jail.

Green is under pressure after a parliamentary report into the collapse of the retail chain British Home Stores was released. MPS accused him of ‘systematically’ taking money out of the company, failing to address its pension deficit, and generally acting in a way incompatible with a man with a knighthood for services to retail.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith have both called for Sir Philip to lose his knighthood. Bookmaker Paddy Power reckon Green is odds-on to lose his knighthood by the end of 2017. A petition calling for it to be revoked is attracting hundreds of new signatures per minute (57k and counting…).

If one of the employees of BHS had been caught with their hand in the till, they would have been sacked and if they’d taken as much money out as Green did (he left BHS with a £571m deficit in its pension fund alone), they would face criminal prosecution.

Taking titles off people when they do something wrong is just a way of sanitizing the brand that these titles have become. The establishment will definitely want to strip him of his title, he’s another embarrassment to them like the peodophiles, Sir Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris CBE and Stuart Hall OBE. Then there’s the soviet spy, Sir Anthony Blunt and the disgraced banker, Sir Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin.

When people with titles get ‘found out’, their title should remain intact to expose how irrelevant these titles are as a judge of character.

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