The Wet Office


All fortune tellers are crooks.

No one can predict the future. If fortune tellers could really do this, at least one of them would have won the lottery by now.

The most crooked fortune tellers of all work at the Met Office. They’re so crooked, they present their brand of mumbo jumbo as SCIENCE!

Even Madam Zelda on Blackpool promenade isn’t that dishonest!

And the Met Office are rubbish at predicting the future. They’ve got information coming in from planes, satellites and a super-computer that cost £97 million but predicted an “Arctic blast” ahead of one of the mildest winters ever last year and also forecast the “hottest summer since 1976” for this cold wet excuse for a season we’re enjoying now.

Instead of spending £97 million on a new computer, they should have just bought a crystal ball. It would have been just as accurate!

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