Anarchy in the UK!


Who caused this mess that Britain is in right now?

If you look at those who were most likely to have been a Leave voter, they are predominantly people over the age of 65 and the poorer working class. These are people who rely, to varying degrees, on the welfare state. The elderly have their state pensions, bus passes and winter fuel payments. Battling families get tax credits, child benefits and socialised housing. Both groups are among the strongest supporters of the socialised medicine everyone is entitled to in the UK called the National Health Service, so fundamentally, they are socialists.

If you ask them why they voted to leave, they will tell you that it was about sovereignty, control and a fear of mass migration. So that would make them, nationalists.

That makes them “National Socialists”.

Wait, didn’t we have a shorter name for “National Socialism” in Germany once?

Craic on!

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