It’s called YOUtube for a reason.


I just got a reminder of how we’re all being tracked online.

I did a bit on BOB fm yesterday about cyclists riding naked through the streets of London. Underneath it, I played “Yakety Sax” by Boots Randolph III. You probably know it as the theme to The Benny Hill Show.

Today, I opened Youtube and at the top of the page, there were four videos featuring clips from The Benny Hill Show. I know Youtube works like that, if you’re signed in and you watch a video about a particular subject, next time you go to Youtube, other videos on that topic will show up at the top of your page.

The thing is, I didn’t play the Benny Hill music from a Youtube video.

About a year ago, I transferred all of my TV show music CDs to my Google Drive account. With all of my stuff in the cloud, I can access the tracks from anywhere on any computer. Before I did the naked bike piece yesterday, I downloaded the Benny Hill music from my Google Drive account.

Google own Youtube.

Craic on!

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