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Why you should never ride a bike naked.

At the weekend, hundreds of naked cyclists rode through central London. It was a protest highlighting how vulnerable they are when they ride their bikes on the road.

Considering they are aware of how vulnerable they are, it’s odd then that, even when they are clothed, they don’t wear protective clothing while riding their bikes. Motorcyclists wear leather which gives a lot of protection, cyclists wear lycra which gives almost none at all.

Figures from the Department for Transport show that cyclists are 17 TIMES more likely to be killed on the road than motorists. Surely riding naked will make you even more vulnerable!

Riding naked in a large group could cause extra problems. One of the biggest causes of road accidents is distracted drivers. Every year, more than three thousand people are killed, and around half a million are injured, in crashes involving distracted drivers. There aren’t many things much more distracting than suddenly seeing hundreds of naked people riding bikes!

Then there’s the problem of what happens if they all crash into each other. It would only take one at the front to get a wobble on, go down and all of the others would pile into them. It brings an unfortunate image to mind from a joke Billy Connolly once told on Parkinson which involved a naked bottom being an ideal place to park a bike.

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