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“Whatever happened to crazy?”, asked the American comedian Chris Rock in his 1999 TV special, ‘Bigger & Blacker’. He was talking about how when a lunatic goes on a shooting spree, modern society looks for something to blame. It can be anything from rap music to violent video games. Why do we refuse to admit that the person who did this was crazy?

These days the handy blame-all word is “terrorism”. The latest mass shooting in America, the worst so far, is already being described by an irresponsible media at “terrorism”.

American-born Omar Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida, gunned down his victims in the early hours of Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Omar Mateen hated people who were gay. He was homophobic, a phobia is an irrational fear. Having irrational fears is a symptom of being crazy.

According to a U.S. official, Mateen called 911 during the attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS. That doesn’t mean he was SENT by ISIS! Yes, ISIS have taken the opportunity to claim responsibility for the attack and have claimed Mateen as one of their own and he may well share the same beliefs as ISIS about homosexuals but the FBI, who were aware of him, have not found any evidence of any communication between Mateen and anyone from ISIS. ISIS have extreme views on a lot of issues including the right to be gay. If you are a crazy person you’re going to be sympathetic to these radical views.

This targeted attack was not terrorism, it was a hate crime committed by a crazy person. It was the result of hatred against a specific community. If we allow it to be defined as an act of terrorism, we will run the risk of fostering hatred against other communities, specifically muslim communities.

If that hatred takes hold and is embraced by another crazy person with access to high powered weapons there will be more hate crimes. More innocent people will lose their lives.

If we allow that to happen then we’re all crazy.

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