International Waste Of Space Station


Tim Peake has been given a medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours and he’s also going to be given the ‘Freedom of Alton Towers’.

I was hoping that when he returned to earth later this month, we wouldn’t hear any more about him but it looks like after he gets back, we’ll have to put up with the media fawning all over him like he’s some kind of hero.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of space. I grew up watching the Apollo moon missions. The things they achieved back then were amazing! Landing on the moon, driving a car on it and Alan Shepard playing golf up there!

What has Tim Peake done? He hasn’t even left earth’s orbit. He just goes around and around, 220 miles above us. That’s only about the distance from London to Middlesbrough. Honestly I’d be more impressed if he’d managed to survive for six months living in Middlesbrough!

The media are treating him as if he’s the only person to ever fly in space. I’m sorry but so far, 536 people have been up there and Yuri Gagarin did it first, FIFTY-FIVE years ago! Unlike the Apollo astronauts, Tim isn’t even actually flying the International Space Station. No one is, it doesn’t go anywhere or do anything, it’s just perpetually falling, that’s what orbiting is. Tim Peake is just a passenger.

Putting Tim Peake on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List makes no sense but I get why he’s being honoured by Alton Towers. It’s because all he’s done is go on a long, taxpayer funded, amusement park ride.

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