Euro 2016 Warning


The Foreign Office did something awful this week.

They warned football fans travelling to Euro 2016 from the UK to remain vigilant at all times in the face of the threat of terrorism. The advice highlights stadiums, fan zones and transport hubs as potential targets for atrocities.

What a terrible thing to tell people. If you’re a football fan traveling to France for Euro 2016, you won’t be able to avoid stadiums, fan zones and transport hubs. In fact, the whole point of going is to visit or travel through these exact places. These days, we’re all vigilant for anything suspicious everywhere anyway so why have they bothered issuing this advice?

If they think there is going to be a problem they should just advise us not to go. But what if they have no idea what’s going on? And what if there really is a problem and they were unaware of it? That’s when they put out these ambiguous warnings in advance, it’s to cover themselves. That way if something does happen that they didn’t see coming, they can blame YOU. After all, you were warned!

Come on Foreign Office, is it safe to travel to Euro 2016 or not?

Like all government departments, the Foreign Office needs a regular reminder that we don’t work for them, they work for us.

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