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Here’s what I’ve been up to on BOB fm lately, including:

How Nancy got wound up by her husband for 25 years; How bad was Chris Evans on Top Gear? Australia is BIG; Navigational nightmares; Why I don’t trust Cambridge; The truth about plain cigarette packaging; How to save yourself from becoming resistant to antibiotics; Strange ways you’ve injured yourself; What you got up to on your wedding night; Most golf clubs are run by crusty old sexists; Why they shouldn’t be searching for the missing EgyptAir plane’s black box; Women welders; The real reason teenage boys are clumsy; Proof that Donald Trump is crazy; How the Voice of BOB damaged his eyes; Notes you’ve left or have been left for you; The Old Trafford fake bomb fiasco; The truth about eye tests; The daft delivery; The Werewolf of Hull; When you witnessed a crime; My bad clothes shopping experience; A new twist in the Boaty McBoatface story; An amazing lost and found story; Tipping tips; The mystery of cats; Obesity is contagious.

Craic on!

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