Cold War


It’s the coldest time of the year.

The sun is out but it’s not that warm yet. Fresh air fanatics who can’t tell the difference between light and heat, notice the sun is shining and immediately set about opening every window and door they can find.

The maximum temperature outside yesterday was 19 degrees Celsius. Today’s forecast high is for only 15 degrees. That’s a full 7 degrees lower than room temperature (22 degrees). Yes, it’s nice and warm if you happen to be sitting in the sun but indoors is permanently in the shade and it’s cold!

Some people walk in from outside and the first thing they do is turn the heating down. Then they head back outside again leaving the people inside shivering. Another problem with sunny weather is that more people decide to cycle to work. They arrive all hot and sweaty, shout, “It’s boiling in here!” and then make the place as cold as they can.

Spring is here so if you’re going indoors today, wrap up warm!

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