Lost In Cambridge


I’m very suspicious of a city that hates cars as much as Cambridge does. I was there yesterday. There are loads of streets that you’re not allowed to drive down and there’s hardly anywhere to park! It’s ironic that there was once a car named after this place that detests them so much.

On the other hand, Cambridge LOVES pushbikes. The damn things are everywhere! Why are they encouraging you to ride a bike instead of driving a car? Department of transport figures show that you are more than 17 TIMES more likely to be killed on the road riding a bike than if you were driving an actual vehicle.

I don’t believe Cambridge City Council are trying to kill its citizens and visitors. I believe the truth is much more sinister than that.

Cambridge University was where the KGB recruited communist spies. Burgess, Philby, Maclean and Blunt sold British military secrets to the Soviet Union. These included nuclear secrets that allowed Russia to develop their own atom bomb.

So Cambridge has a dark past rooted in communism. Is it a coincidence that they want everyone in the city to ride a pushbike? Do you know which country has the most Bicycles?

Red China!

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