Hate Crime


This week a man was arrested in Scotland because an online video shows his dog making a Nazi salute. He could now be charged for committing a hate crime.

The Crown Prosecution Service website has a large section on hate crime and how they define it. I was particularly interested in the section on race and religious hate crime. The website says,

“Racist and religious crime is particularly hurtful to victims as they are being targeted solely because of their personal identity, their actual or perceived racial or ethnic origin, belief or faith. These crimes can happen randomly or be part of a campaign of continued harassment and victimisation. We will not tolerate such crime.”

Well,  a person’s support for a particular football team forms part of their personal identity and is usually connected to their actual or perceived racial or ethnic origin and it’s definitely a belief or faith.

Prejudice against people who go to football matches, working class people, northerners and in particular scousers, is why the tragedy at Hillsborough happened and was allowed to be covered up for twenty-seven years. 96 people were unlawfully killed, then they and their families and supporters were vilified, that is a hate crime.

By the Crown Prosecution Service’s own definition, South Yorkshire Police, the Sun newspaper and the senior members of the government who are responsible for the lies and cover-up over Hillsborough for should be charged with hate crimes.

What does it say about our country when David Duckenfield, Kelvin McKenzie and Margaret Thatcher’s chief press secretary, Sir Bernard Ingham have not faced any charges over what they did but the owner of a Nazi pet has been arrested?

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