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Sometimes you should look at the glass as half full.

I got an email from James Cridland the other day. James is a British radio consultant who recently moved to Brisbane, Australia. He mentioned that 4BC, the talk station in Brisbane now has only one local presenter. The rest of the shows are networked from 2GB in Sydney. I think James was suggesting that there are fewer opportunities for talk radio talent in Australia these days.

Obviously he’s right but in my reply email, I reminded James that in Britain, which has a population more than three times the size of Australia, EVERY commercial talk station is networked out of London 24/7. In fact, if you take the sports/talk format out of the mix, there are only two commercial talk stations in the whole country (LBC and TalkRadio). In Australia there’s  at least one talk station in just about every capital city, Sydney has three (2GB, 2UE and 2SM)! So while there are fewer opportunities for talk presenters in Australia than there used to be, there’s way more commercial talk opportunities there than in the UK.

Unlike music radio, talk radio’s main content comes from it’s presenters. If they have to network talk presenters on more than one station, there must be a shortage of talent.

Surely that’s good news for talent.

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