How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 218.


I’ve been unlucky with speeding tickets. One morning, exactly three years ago, I came within three points of losing my licence.

I used to present a Sunday morning show on Jack FM in Southampton. I lived in Swindon at the time, which was a 130 mile round trip. On the May Day bank holiday weekend I was asked to cover the breakfast show on the Monday as well, so I decided to stay the night on the South Coast.

The cheapest hotel I could find was about fifteen miles outside Southampton. I don’t know the area at all and on the Monday morning I didn’t set off early enough, got lost and was panicking trying to get to the radio station for a 6am start. On a dual carriageway, in broad daylight on a Bank Holiday Monday, I was the only car on the road doing 56 miles an hour. Minutes later, right outside the radio station, once again on a dual carriageway and the only car around, I was doing 36 miles an hour. I know the exact speed because that’s what two different fixed speed cameras snapped me at. Unfortunately, in both locations, the speed limit was 30 mph. I got six points for the 56 and another three for the 36.

In the space of ten minutes, I got nine demerit points. If I’d picked up another three points at any time during the last three years, I would have been banned from driving for six months!

I got all nine points driving past two speed cameras, no more than two miles apart. When you add up the big fines I got (over £200 worth), the price of the hotel and the last three years of having to drive at EXACTLY the speed limit, making me a nuisance to get stuck behind, my crime didn’t pay. I would have been better off driving the 260 miles from Swindon and back twice. I made that trip, there and back for three months, never stuck to the speed limit on the M4 and A34 and never got a ticket!

I can’t believe how unlucky I was. A freedom of Information request from June last year shows that just seven of Hampshire Constabulary’s 41 fixed speed cameras are actually active. I managed to get caught by TWO out of the seven in the whole county that work!

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