Jean Genie


I’m not very good at clothes shopping.

My favourite pair of Levis has a hole in one of the back pockets. It’s caused by a little zip on my wallet that lives in that pocket. Over time, it’s worn it’s way through.

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I decided to get a new pair of jeans so today I went to the Levis shop in Regents Street. I tried a few on, then found the perfect pair of 511s. I couldn’t believe how well they fit. I also couldn’t believe the price, £95!

They were such a perfect fit though, so I bought them anyway. After I’d paid, I told the shop assistant that the reason I needed a new pair of Levis was because my current ones have a hole in the back pocket. She said, “We do repairs here”. I asked how much a pocket repair would cost and the price she quoted gave me another shock.

It turns out that the same shop that sold me a pair of jeans for £95 would only have charged me £7 to repair my old ones!

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