I have to Kop it Sweet.


I won’t be a Liverpool Football Club season ticket holder next season.

I’ve been on the season ticket waiting list for ten years so far. I really thought I’d be in with a chance of getting to the top of the list next season because the club are increasing the capacity of Anfield by more than 9000 to 54,000 when the new main stand opens.

An extra 2000 season tickets will be made available at the start of season 2016/17 so you’d think, after ten years there’s a chance I could be one of the lucky ones.

Today I went on to www.liverpoolfc.com and found the section where you can check what position you are on the waiting list. I was excited because as long as my position is lower than 2000, I’m in!

My excitement turned to despair when I discovered that I was position 19,952.

After ten years, there are still 19,951 people ahead of me! Even if Liverpool expand Anfield by 9000 seats EVERY season (creating 2000 new season tickets each time), it would still take me ANOTHER ten years to get to the top. By that time, the capacity of the ground would be 144,000 so the seat I did eventually get would be so high up, I’d need to take a telescope bigger than Hubble to see what’s happening on the pitch!

And that’s a ‘best case’ scenario! The  sad fact is, the capacity of Anfield is unlikely to be increased to 144,000 over the next ten years. Maybe an extra 9000 in that time but that only means another 2000 season tickets. After the current waiting list people take their 2000, in 20 years time I’ll still only be at position 15,952.

The truth is, I will never be a Liverpool season ticket holder because I just won’t live long enough to get to the top of the waiting list!

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